Regenerative Rehabilitation: Musculoskeletal Injuries

In cell therapy the process is the product. Typical expansion protocols in open manufacturing conditions are prone to external contaminants, inflammatory oxygen concentrations, and excessive cellular passage (subculture), increasing the number of senescent (elder) cells and thus critically diminishing the potency, efficacy and safety of the cell therapy. Also, a very precise ultrasound guided injection at the site of injury is needed. The challenge is to assure quality of the cellular product and precise delivery in order to get the optimal clinical outcome.



Oncology: Skin Melanoma and Prostate Adenocarcinoma

Advanced skin melanoma is an aggressive cancer with poor prognosis and dramatic consequences on patients’ lives. Immunotherapy is the gold standard treatment on this stages, but regular immunotherapy drugs can cost up to thousands of dollars per month and have to be permanently taken, thus preventing  access for the majority of patients. ONCOCELLUS® holds the exclusive licence of skin melanoma and prostate adenocarcinoma personalized cellular immunotherapy, TapCells®, which is based on the generation of a self induced response by the host through the activation of the immune system. TapCells® have proven to be safe and effective on phase 2 clinical trials, increasing life expectancy on 5-year follow-up more than 4 times with virtually no side effects (Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2009).