CELLUS Group, is a holding dedicated to research, innovation and commercialization of personalized cell therapies, with focus on musculoskeletal disorders and cancer. Our mission is to improve treatments of invalidating diseases and injuries with unmet clinical needs, such as severe musculoskeletal damage and cancer.

The use of personalized advanced cell therapies is advancing rapidly and has proven to be safe and efficacious for the treatment of many serious conditions. Despite remarkable progress, cell based therapies face a compromise between the quality and quantity of the final cell product because of expensive and inefficient in vitro culture affecting key cellular properties. Most applications still use traditional culture media containing undefined components of animal origin (xenogeneic) without following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), critically affecting the safety and efficacy of the treatments.

We developed a proprietary and cost effective cell expansion technology to rapidly obtain and activate a high yield of adult MSCs.  The system utilizes an oxygen control environment and generates large amounts of clinical grade MSCs without the need of animal derived products (xeno-free) or extensive cell culture, granting superior regenerative properties. The personalized cell products are delivered through precise ultrasound guided injections for accurate administration.

CELLUS Group is structured as a holding, with the main company, CELLUS BIOMEDICA®, that hosts R&D, Quality Assurance System and three subsidiaries: CELLUS CLINIC®, focused on patients with musculoskeletal disorders, ONCOCELLUS®, focused on cancer patients and holds the exclusive licence of skin melanoma and prostate adenocarcinoma personalized cellular immunotherapy, TapCells®. Finally, CELLUS BIOFACTORY®, acts as a cGMP cell production CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organization) of personalized clinical grade cell products, directed to specialized clinics, hospitals and research institutions for clinical and  pre-clinical applications.

CELLUS have been awarded with two CORFO governmental grants in 2016 and 2017 for a total budget of over USD 2M for R&D activities with the most renowned universities and research centers in Chile and the region.