Dr. José EstayPhysiatrist, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Jose Estay is graduated MD from Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile , specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Madrid, Spain, expert in Prosthesis from  Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He works in the public health system at  Hospital del Salvador, leading the specialized medical division in prosthesis and diabetic foot, where they achieved the lowest reamputation  rates in Chile. Dr. Estay is currently responsible of leading and developing cell therapy for use in musculoskeletal pathologies, in the clinical division of CELLUS Group, and is the Medical Project Manager of the CORFO Project of Business R&D Portfolio: “Development of CELLUSPHERES®, innovative product of cell therapy for regeneration tissue based on three-dimensional (3D) spheroids of expanded adult mesenchymal cells (MSCs) with export potential”.