Dr. Beltran JaureguiberryPhD

    Beltran Jaureguiberry is a biochemist from the Universidad de Chile, specialized in Immunology and Molecular Biology with a MSc and a PhD  in Immunology and Microbiology, both degrees earned in the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Consequently, Jaureguiberry made a postdoctoral program in Molecular Immunology, and superior technical studies in business administration with an executive program for a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree in the European Business School, (EGEU), Universidad de Bruselas. Currently participates in the design and development of vaccines, analysis in silico of immunogenicity of protective antigens, characterization of pathogens, consultancies to laboratories working with human stem cells, scientist articles, management and appeal of resources through CORFO projects, personalization of R&D projects, sales force training, and also as member of the Senate Master in Biochemistry, Universidad de Chile, and member of the ethics and animal care committee (CICUAL).