Elevator Pitch

CELLUS Group is a clinical-stage biomedical holding, focused on the development and commercialization of innovative cell therapies in the field of personalized medicine. Our mission is to fundamentally improve the treatment of invalidating diseases and injuries with unmet clinical needs, such as severe musculoskeletal damage and cancer.

CELLUS cell therapies are designed to restore the body’s native functions in a way that’s not possible with current traditional medicines. Our company developed an innovative and cost-effective cell purification and expansion method, to rapidly obtain large amounts of adult autologous clinical grade stem cells that are used to generate innovative cell products to heal musculoskeletal injuries faster and better. CELLUS also holds the exclusive licence of TapCells®, a personalized cellular immunotherapy for skin melanoma and prostate adenocarcinoma.

CELLUS Group comprehend CELLUS BIOMEDICA® as the holding company, where R&D, Quality Assurance System and IP is generated. CELLUS Group also incorporates three strategic divisions;  CELLUS BIOFACTORY® (Advanced cellular products manufacturing), ONCOCELLUS® (Cancer Cellular Immunotherapy) and CELLUS CLINIC® (Regenerative rehabilitation and personalized cell therapy).

Unmet Medical Needs

The company is initially targeting severe musculoskeletal injuries and cancer, two areas of critical unmet medical need with tremendous potential. Musculoskeletal injuries, osteoarthritis, cancer and other chronic severe diseases, represent huge burdens to modern societies. Today, the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries are either palliative or highly invasive, may be deleterious in the long term, and have little to no benefit on tissue quality, with high economic and personal costs for the patients.

Our Science

We developed a proprietary and cost effective cell manufacturing method, to rapidly obtain and activate large amounts of clinical-grade adult stem cells in an oxygen controlled environment, without the need of animal derived products (xeno-free) or extensive cell culture. CELLUS method induces superior regenerative properties to the personalized cellular product in order to replace dead, damaged, or dysfunctional cells and restore critical natural functions in the damaged tissue.

 CELLUS Highlights

CELLUS has recently been awarded with a Chilean government grant of USD 1,5M. This grant has an extension of three years, an is aimed to develop a revolutionary cellular tri-dimensional product for the treatment of severe musculoskeletal injuries.

CELLUS is on the road to open its new branch, CELLUS Boston, that will be used as corporate headquarters for the international operations and clinical trials management. This new division is opening on June 2018 and is projected to start operations during 2019.